Wealth Management

Proactive Daily Monitoring of Your Serious Money…

Fabian Wealth Strategies is a fee-based advisor registered with the California Department of Business Oversight that offers portfolio management services to individuals with $250,000 or more in their investment portfolios. We strive to protect and grow your assets in every market environment.

Investors have a never-ending need to protect their hard-earned retirement nest egg from serious threats such as catastrophic bear market losses, rising health care costs, and inflation concerns – while also securing the asset growth and income they need in retirement.

To get the retirement lifestyle you want – we believe that it’s all about knowing your most important goals and then designing a detailed plan to meet them.

What’s most important to you when it comes to your retirement plan?

  • Having enough money to retire comfortably…
  • Protecting your assets from catastrophic losses…
  • Having the ability to grow your portfolio in both up AND down markets…
  • Avoiding high costs and hidden fees.
  • Being able to pass your legacy on to your heirs…
  • Getting professional help you can really trust…

We think it’s important to start with exactly what matters most to you to make your best decisions possible about your investments. Even for savvy investors, the world of investments can be tricky and confusing. With your entire nest egg at stake, it’s important to get the facts you need to know to manage your money in a way that’s best suited to meet your goals, objectives, and risk tolerances.

Your Best Interest is Our Only Interest

As one of our managed clients, you depend on us to execute a plan that strives to protect and grow your capital according to your best interest. That’s why we strive to preserve every penny of your money by not pandering to the fund distributors who offer advisors a piece of what you buy. Our investment strategy puts both parties on the same side of the table.

Our motives are plain and simple — we make more money when you make more money. Our philosophy is centered around active portfolio management by implementing trading strategies designed to lower your exposure to the market when stocks are down. We establish a sell discipline on every holding within our portfolio and monitor them every trading day.

The lion’s share of our investment tools are exchange-traded funds (ETFs). An ETF consists of a virtual basket of stocks that usually tracks a specific index or sector. ETFs and mutual funds are similar in that they both offer access to an underlying pooled portfolio of assets. Both offer instant diversification, and both give you the ability to invest in domestic and international markets, as well as in specific market sectors. However, ETFs offer an internal fee strucuture that is much less than a comparable mutual fund.

Is Fabian Wealth Strategies a Good Fit for You?

Are you tired of simply taking what the market dishes out and feeling like your financial dreams are out of your hands? Our clients’ greatest success begins with their determination to seize control of their financial futures. Your ability to grow and thrive with our investment programs starts with the mindset that a proactive investing approach is the best way for you to achieve your goals.

Investors who gain the greatest success with us…

  • Have a personal need for greater profits and less risk to ensure their retirement is not left to chance.
  • Understand that the investing landscape has changed to a global marketplace — it’s much harder to make and keep a profit today than it was 10 years ago
  • Realize that there are macro economic forces at play that create a challenging future for retirees. Our most successful clients need and want to improve their investment situation, so they seek our experience to help them with their investments.

As an investor you expect results. Your portfolio performance matters and it’s what we work very hard to deliver every day.


Fabian Wealth Strategies provides personalized investment management services for individuals with $250,000 or more in an effort to meet or exceed their goals for retirement.

  • Know your goals and design a plan to meet them
  • Proactive investing approach
  • Investment tools are exchange traded funds
  • Sell discipline established on every holding