Your First 90 Days

Let me be the first to welcome you to our firm. At Fabian Wealth Strategies, we pride ourselves on offering world class money management services with an emphasis on the safety of your assets. We hope to earn lifelong relationships with our clients by providing outstanding service and a commitment to helping you reach your goals.

As a new client, the first 90 days of our relationship is critically important to build the framework of your long-term wealth management game plan. That is why we have designed a three-step system that guides you through this planning process. Our advisors will work with you as the quarterback of your wealth management plan to ensure that we do a comprehensive review of your financial accounts, insurance needs, income requirements, and estate plan.

The First Month

The first month of our relationship starts with a one-on-one conversation to develop and outline key strengths and weaknesses of your current finances. We start by assessing your risk tolerance, goals and objectives, investment experience, and current portfolio allocation.

We then create and distribute to you all of the necessary forms that are required to begin our new asset management relationship. Once these forms have been signed and returned, we are able to start opening up your accounts and transferring your assets to Fidelity. This process is completed electronically with no further work required on your part.

Once your assets have fully transitioned to Fidelity, we contact you to re-state our goals and objectives for putting your assets to work. We discuss the current macro-economic environment, portfolio strategies, and investment themes. Then we gradually start to transition your portfolio into our current investment holdings based on the prevailing market conditions.

The Second Month

The next month of our relationship is all about estate planning and insurance needs. A solid insurance or annuity plan is a critically important financial tool to help you manage and protect your wealth. Your advisor will contact you to do a complete review of any policies you own and evaluate their effectiveness based on your current situation. We will regularly monitor and update your insurance program to adjust to your ever-changing lifestyle and risk exposures.

In addition, we will inquire about your estate and legacy planning. It is important to make sure that your living trust, will, and/or business succession plans have been properly reviewed and implemented to meet your family’s needs.

The Third Month

The third month of our relationship is dedicated to reviewing your income needs and forecasting expectations for retirement if desired. More of the responsibility for meeting income needs and health care expenses in retirement is shifting to individual Americans. All of us need to make retirement plans to meet that responsibility.

By leveraging Fidelity’s proprietary retirement income planning methodology and research, we can project future account income needs, Social Security income, health care costs, living expenses, and more. This comprehensive planning tool will give you the peace of mind to know whether you are on track to meet your retirement goals.

Success requires planning, and planning for success is what we do at Fabian Wealth Strategies.

We hope to earn lifelong relationships with our clients by providing outstanding service and a commitment to helping you reach your goals.

  • Outline strengths and weaknesses
  • Review invested positions
  • Review estate and insurance needs
  • Analyze income and expense requirements
  • Develop a game plan