Trading Tips for Exchange Traded Funds

Doug’s tips for ETF investing:

  • Avoid the first hour of trading, particularly in international markets
  • Understand “position size”, and what percent of your portfolio you wish to use for which ETFs. Large, diversified ETFs can be “core positions”, sector or industry-based ETFs are typically smaller.
  • Remember that you have to buy ETFs by “share”, not by dollar amount, and do the math accordingly.
  • Feel free to build your positions and use small starter positions to get into the ETF world.
  • Use trading alerts, not stop-loss orders. Trading alerts are less confusing and easier to use.
  • ETF volume matters. Some ETFs are smaller in volume than others, and you should trade accordingly, buying smaller amounts of smaller ETFs.
  • Look before you purchase. Look carefully at the ticker symbols and check them twice before you buy. This seems elementary, but mistakes happen and investors need to be careful about what they invest in.

If you have any questions about investing in ETFs, please email Doug at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com. For more information, please listen to our podcast here.


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Around the World with Exchange Traded Funds

If you’re sitting with a significant portion of your portfolio out of the market, in cash, we want to remind you that there are many ETF options out there for you that are low-risk and excellent for investors. Also, don’t forget about the international markets – there are great opportunities there and we would love to help you invest in other parts of the world.

The geopolitical scene is a little dicey right now. But, it hasn’t effected the equity markets at all – which leads us to ask – does it even matter? Certainly, accidents can happen and it’s important to keep an eye on international news, we do not think that the geopolitical unrest will effect the markets in any real way, and it doesn’t seem that other investors do, either.

Now, let’s go around the world in Exchange Traded Funds. These are some great ticker symbols for international investing opportunities with ETFs:

  • VT – Vanguard Total Global Stock Market ETF
  • IEV – European Union ETF
  • FXI – China ETF
  • EEM – Emerging Markets ETF
  • VWO – Emerging Markets ETF
  • EWZ – Brazil ETF
  • RSX – Russia ETF

We hope that you are getting some international exposure in your portfolio. If you are unsure about how to do so, please call our offices at 800-391-1118 for a free consultation.

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Video Update: Opportunities Around the World

Investors can go around the world with Exchange Traded Funds. We think that investing internationally in ETFs is one of the best opportunities right now for investors. You can download the complete list of ETFs here, to see what’s available to you.

ETFs are low-cost, transparent, and a great way to invest. If you have a question about how Exchange Traded Funds might work for you, please email askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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No Monday Morning Market Update Podcast This Week

This week, Doug is taking some well-deserved time off with his family, to celebrate his daughter’s graduation from college. So, there will be no Monday Morning Market Update podcast this week.

Congratulations to the Fabian family and see you all next week! As always, if you have questions or concerns, our offices are open and you can still call 800-391-1118 to talk to a representative or leave a message for Doug.

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Thematic Growth Portfolio

What are the key themes in the Thematic Growth portfolio?

  • Connectivity (mobile technology, etc.)
  • Manufacturing
  • Paccar, and other trucking and shipment companies
  • Cyber-security
  • Chicken and other proteins – as world economies grow, demand for these foods grow
  • LED lights

The thematic growth portfolio can work for any investor of any age. You need to make sure that your capital lives as long as you do, and that means that investors need to focus on growth.

The thematic growth portfolio has minimum of $100,000 investment here at Fabian Wealth Strategies, and if you’re interested in pursuing these themes, please contact our offices at 800-391-1118.


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Las Vegas Money Show Preview

Doug Fabian and Chris Versace are at the Las Vegas Money Show this week, and they want to share a preview of their talks here. So here they are….

Three investing trends Chris Versace is watching:

  • Connectivity – such as QualComm
  • Cyber-security – such as KEYW
  • Chicken – such as Sanderson Farms, etc.

Three winning strategies using ETFs from Doug Fabian:

  • Emerging markets
  • Energy/natural gas
  • Commodities

There will be no Monday morning podcast next week, because Doug will be off attending his daughter’s college graduation! Congratulations to the Fabian family and best wishes to her!

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April Gains (Chart)

In the table below, you can see some sectors that were big winners in April, many of which were from the energy sector.

Ticker    Name                                                            April% Gains
TUR       ISHARES MSCI TURKEY ETF                             9.31
FCG       FIRST TRUST ISE-REV NAT GAS                       9.18
UNG      US NATURAL GAS FUND LP                               8.72
XOP       SPDR S&P OIL & GAS EXP & PR                        8.05
IPW       SPDR S&P INTL ENERGY SECTOR                      7.99
UNL       UNITED STATES 12 MONTH NATUR                    7.50
PXE       POWERSHARES DYN ENRG EXP PRO                  7.42
FILL       ISHARES MSCI GLOBAL ENERGY P                    7.34
EPU       ISHARES MSCI ALL PERU CAPPED                     7.03

Year-to-date, we’ve seen a rotation toward energy, emerging markets and Treasury bonds, and away from domestic stocks, and more recently, large-cap tech stocks.

Ticker              Name                                                       YTD% (as of 4/30)
EGPT               MARKET VECTORS EGYPT INDEX                30.89
UNG                US NATURAL GAS FUND LP                         28.32
GGGG             GLOBAL X PURE GOLD MINERS ET               26.29
GLDX              GLOBAL X GOLD EXPLORERS ETF                25.09
MES                MARKET VECTORS GULF STATES                22.40
EIDO               ISHARES MSCI INDONESIA ETF                  21.19
DBA                POWERSHARES DB AGRICULTURE F            20.70
IDXJ               MARKET VECTORS INDONESIA SMA            20.67
USAG              UNITED STATES AGRICULTURE IN              20.37
SILJ                PUREFUNDS ISE JUNIOR SIL-ETF                 19.54

If you have questions about these ETFs and how they can work into your portfolio, please email askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com or call our offices for a free consultation: 800-391-1118.

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Video Update: Correction Season

April was a down month in the financial markets. Stocks tend to go through a correction season from May through October, and we’ll have to see what happens as summer comes.

We are seeing a lot of great emerging market ETFs right now, including countries like Turkey and Egypt. We think emerging markets are a great option for investors right now, and we want to encourage you to consider some international investments.

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Video: Digging into April Jobs Data with Chris Versace

RBS U.S. chief economist Michelle Girard, economist Peter Morici, Fabian Wealth Strategies’ Thematic Growth portfolio manager Chris Versace and FBN’s Charlie Gasparino weigh in on the latest labor market and economic data.

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Developed, Emerging and Frontier Markets

You’ve probably heard these terms but don’t know what they mean. Here’s an overview:

  • Developed markets: large countries that have financial markets, and have usually been established for some time (the U.S., Europe, etc.)
  • Emerging markets: countries like India, Brazil, China and others. These are markets which have not been around very long but are up and coming
  • Frontier markets: countries usually in Africa and the Middle East – obviously smaller, newer and less stable

There are many ways to invest in any of these markets through ETFs, and we think that the emerging markets are the best place for your money right now.

If you have questions about ETFs and how to invest in these markets, please email us at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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