Video Update: Three Investing Ideas

Here are three of Doug’s investing ideas that he shared with the audience at the San Francisco Money Show last week.

  • Ticker symbol: DGS. This is a unique product, because it is a small-cap emerging market ETF. It has $2 billion under management, and is mostly focused on Asia. It also offers a bit of a yield.
  • Ticker symbol: ASHR. A-shares in China, which are a good growth option for investors. There are 299 positions in this ETF, and has $350 million under management at this point.
  • Ticker symbol: YYY. This is an income-generating ETF that owns other mutual funds. Doug has been talking about this particular ETF all through 2014 and he believes strongly that this a great option for yield-seeking, income-seeking investor, such as someone in retirement.

For precise charts and Doug’s complete thoughts on these ideas, please watch the full video update here.

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The Big Mistake Individual Investors Make

Q. What’s the #1 investing mistake that Doug sees?

A. A lack of clear objective or goals in personal investing.

All too often, personal money managers and investors are dabbling in a little of this or a little of that, without knowing why they’re investing or how that furthers their goals. We think it’s essential to have a clear objective with your investments and your portfolio. Instead of investing in a little bit of every objective, it’s much more effective to spend your time focusing and concentrating on a goal and making that successful. Here are some of the objectives you might have:

  • Total return
  • Income
  • Capital preservation
  • Growth

Your objectives drive the choices you make in your investment portfolio. Some investments look good on paper but they don’t fit your personal goals and objectives. This also helps you to define sell-points, watch-lists and what you want to think about and pay attention to in the markets. It’s difficult for personal money managers to be experts in every area of the markets, so don’t feel like you have to. Pick an objective, educate yourself on what works for that goal, and work towards it.

If you aren’t sure what your objective is or if you’d like to change course, call our offices at 800-391-1118 for a personal portfolio review and our expert advice on what works for your specific needs. You can also email questions to askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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“Dry Powder” AKA Cash Available

We believe that having what Doug calls “dry powder” or available cash in your portfolio will be very helpful in the weeks and months to come. Opportunities are upcoming in September and October, and we think it’s a good idea to have some cash to put to work soon.

We think the opportunities that are setting up are:

  • Energy
  • Japan
  • Precious metals

Areas that are performing very well right now are:

  • Bonds
  • Emerging Markets
  • China

If we were to get a stock market correction, the places that might be opportunities are:

  • Health care
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Technology

In the old musket days, “dry powder” could be the difference between success and failure, and we believe that it’s still important to be prepared today. There’s nothing wrong with having a little cash available to take advantage of these opportunities or others, and keep listening to the podcast and reading the blog in the coming months to stay abreast of the market action.

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Video Update: What’s Happening in ETFs

Doug is at the San Francisco Money Show this week, but he made this video before he left to remind everyone about the importance of investing in ETFs. There is a lot of innovation having in the ETF universe, and you can invest in anything from specific industries to specific countries internationally.

We encourage our listeners to look seriously at Exchange Traded Funds for their portfolios, and as always, call our offices for any additional advice or information: 800-391-1118.

For more information, watch the full video of Doug’s commentary here.

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71% of Annuity Owners Are Missing Out

According to industry sources, 71% of annuity holders are not using that investment’s single-biggest retirement benefit: the ability to use your annuity to create a never-ending income stream – one that funds your retirement and lasts for as long as you live.

The funny thing is, this benefit is no big secret. Every annuity contract has this potential.

So why haven’t 71% of annuity owners taken advantage of this? Here are the most common reasons:

  • They didn’t need an income stream at the time and simply forgot about the benefit…
  • They bought the annuity 20-30 years ago and can’t get in touch with the seller…
  • They’ve heard so much misinformation about annuities, they’re afraid to make a move…
  • They simply don’t know about the income benefits available…

Here at Fabian Wealth Strategies, we’d like to show you how to transform your annuity into a never-ending income stream, FREE OF CHARGE.

To take advantage of this  offer, simply call us, toll free, at 800.391.1118. When you call, we’ll schedule you for a FREE annuity consultation as soon as possible.

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Video Update: U.S. Treasury Bond Yields Continue to Fall

To everyone’s surprise, so far this year, interest rates remain low and U.S. Treasury Bond yields continue to fall. Right now we are going into a seasonally weak period in the stock market – September is traditionally a weak month for stocks. We think that people are seeking safe havens in bonds, creating higher prices and lower yields. We are working under the impression that the U.S. stock market correction is not over, and we think that investors should be prepared for that as well.

In this video, Doug has charts and facts to share about what is happening in U.S. stocks and bonds, as well as detailed information about the international economy. Watch here for complete details.

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Is Downside Risk Over?

There is a lot of confidence in the world about central banks and the policies of Quantitative Easing and the financial markets. This creates false complacency and a lack of concern about downside risk.

Corrections of 10% is typically annual and normal in the financial markets – but we are currently three years from any 10% correction! This is incredible, and people have been lulled to sleep by the Federal Reserve’s meddling and the seemingly low risk environment we’re in right now. Many people feel that central banks will keep the markets on the straight and narrow and help us to avoid any significant correction.

Of course, when you think about it, this is ridiculous. Despite Federal Reserve and other central bank action, we still have to worry about recessions, business cycles and everything else that investors always have to worry about. There are always those X factors which we need to keep in mind and avoid being surprised by, despite the optimism and complacency that often surrounds us.

There is risk in the markets. We will have another Bear market someday and you need to be prepared for that. We encourage you to “stress test” your portfolio and prepare yourself for upcoming risk. You need to know how much risk you are prepared to experience and what you will do if it starts to appear on the horizon. If you need help making those decisions or you just need a fresh perspective on your portfolio, call our offices today for a complimentary, one-on-one consultation with Doug. Call 800-391-1118 today and we will help you make the right choices for your portfolio and prepare you for the very real possibility of risk in the markets.

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Narrow Your Universe

Doug is working on a presentation called “The Five Secrets of Success in ETF Investing” for the San Francisco Money Show coming up next week. Today we’ll share one of Doug’s secrets, which is:

Narrow Your Universe

No one can keep track of 1500 investment vehicles, and trying to do so muddies your goals and makes action more difficult. Knowing your investment objectives can change what you need to look for and invest in, and we think that looking within a narrow universe that is specifically tailored to your goals and needs is vital to your investing success.

Right now, Doug is focused on China, Precious Metals, Emerging Markets, High-Income and Multi-Asset ETFs. If you are interested in any of these areas or growing your portfolio that way, keep reading the blog and listening to the podcast for details on these sectors in the weeks to come.

Remember that you can access the full ETF report for free anytime here. Download it today!

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Falling Interest Rates

Don’t forget to download the new ETF Snapshot here! This month we are focusing on China, and we think this is valuable information for any investor.

Next week, Doug will be at the San Francisco Money Show. If you are interested in hearing his presentations there, check out the Money Show website here, and also consider subscribing to our newsletter for more information.

The banking sector is under-performing right now, because interest rates are falling. Higher interest rates help banks to be more profitable. Lower interest rates are an indication that growth is not happening in major economies. We are seeing problems in Europe, but good performance in the bond market – which is an indication that our recent correction in stocks has further to go. Areas that are performing well are: Bonds, China and the emerging markets and large-cap and dividend stocks in the U.S. markets. Stress points in the financial markets are: high-yield bonds, Europe, treasury yields and small-cap stocks.

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The ETF Revolution

As a reminder of why we like ETFs so much, consider the following positives. Here are our top five reasons why you should invest using ETFs:

  1. Cost. Investors know that ETFs are cheap. The average cost is an expense ratio of just 0.33%, which is well below the average cost of a mutual fund. Over the course of your lifetime you will save thousands of dollars in management fees by using ETFs vs. mutual funds.
  2. Ease. ETFs are really easy to invest in. It is easy to buy and easy to sell once you know how. Granted, there is a knowledge gap when it comes to buying and selling specific ETFs, but once we show you how you’ll find extremely easy to do.
  3. Simplicity. ETFs are a simple concept. They are index-based. Most investors understand the concept of an index fund. Index investing is both wildly successful and popular, and it’s also much more transparent than mutual fund investing.
  4. Choice. Today there are over 1500 ETF choices. Of course, choice can be a blessing and a cruse. However, with a little knowledge choice becomes a very big advantage.
  5. Access. Access is about more then choices, it’s about being able to invest in places that are not available to mutual fund investors. Some examples would be single country ETFs, or commodities ETFs.

If you have questions about how to use ETFs in your portfolio, email Doug personally with your questions at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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