Volatility is Increasing

Volatility presents opportunities. If you have a high-cash portfolio, an all-mutual fund or all-cash position, or a high allocation to equities, we believe you would benefit from a one-on-one wealth coaching session with Doug. For more information on this session and our perspective on the markets, email askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

The 50-day average is always an early-warning indicator of movement in the markets. It’s a very helpful tool for watching the global markets and seeing how geo-political activity will affect your investments, or which opportunities might be arising.

We’re watching commodities closely right now, as well as gold and bonds. They are leading the market so far this year, and we are watching for investment opportunities as volatility continues.

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Big Government Debt Bubble

There’s no action on this item at this time, but we want to point it out. President Obama recently announced that we need an “end to austerity” in the United States. The deficit has recently declined to $500 billion, so that is what allows President Obama and big government to spend more.

However, down the road, we’ll have another big jump in entitlements as baby boomers retire, so this decline is short-lived. Interest rates will move higher if inflation goes higher, if global growth returns and if raises in wages come to fruition.

So, we encourage you to be prepared to exit risk assets, and prepare to move away from mutual funds so that you can have more clarity in your investing.

If you’re concerned about this and you’d like to schedule a wealth coaching appointment, please call us at 800-391-1118.

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Energy Investment through ETFs

This Saturday, at the Financial Fest in Palm Springs (put on by MoneyRadio 1200), Doug will be making two presentations: North American Energy Renaissance and Three Winning ETF Strategies for 2014. Check out the information on this great event here.

As we watch the markets right now, we’re paying a lot of attention to commodities and emerging markets. We’re seeing China, Japan and the emerging markets struggling so far this year. There’s been a huge surge in trader volume as well, and record trading volume by small investors, which is interesting to see.

We’re waiting for the right opportunities, and one of the areas that we see a lot of options is the world of energy through Exchange Traded Funds.

North America (counting Canada and Mexico) is producing more energy than anywhere in the world. The United States has recently become a leader in technology and innovation in energy exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas. There are five areas in which you can participate in energy investment through ETFs:

  • Commodities themselves
  • E & P – Exploration and Production
  • Energy Services
  • Alternative Energy
  • MLP – Master Limited Partnerships

(For more information about these options and what ETFs are right for your portfolio, please download our special report or email us at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.)

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Video Update: Back to Break-Even

The market has been affected by the weather, slow earnings and no catalyst that forces big break-outs on the upside. We are seeing flat-lines in general on major indices. Interest rates continue to stay low, and we may not see higher interest rates right away, so we think that fear of big interest-rate moves might be unfounded.

There are investor opportunities in the small-cap oil and energy ETFs, energy services and alternative energy sectors, so keep an eye on those.

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Video Update: Is the Correction Over?

Recently, we had a 5% correction, and the markets were looking shaky, but they then came roaring back. Generally, we have not gone to new highs, but the stock markets appear to still be in a bullish frame of mind. Commodities, precious metals, gold miners, agricultural commodities, oil, natural gas, and other new bull markets are good places to be watching for investing opportunities.

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Introducing the Thematic Growth Portfolio: A Digital Seminar presented by Doug Fabian and Chris Versace

Have you ever wondered what really drives the best stocks in the best industries higher?

In our newest digital seminar: Introducing the Thematic Growth Portfolio, Chris Versace and I dig into the details and explain how we take advantage of transformational shifts in the biggest wealth-producing trends operating in the market today.

In this one-hour digital seminar, you’ll learn:

  • All about Chris and his accomplished background
  • The macro economic factors influencing stocks right now
  • How we identify “Investable Themes”
  • How the Thematic Growth Portfolio is constructed
  • About specific stocks riding the biggest themes higher
  • How you can participate in the Thematic Growth Portfolio

This FREE digital seminar includes an interactive PowerPoint presentation, along with an accompanying audio presentation.

To download this presentation right now, simply click here.

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The Return of Volatility

Volatility has picked up in the stock market over the last few weeks, providing investors with opportunities amid plenty of individual stock action. Thematic Growth Portfolio Manager and RealMoney Pro Contributor Chris Versace recommends looking for stocks that have a discrepancy between the business fundamentals and the stock price. Versace says the 2014 automotive market is climbing again and GM’s new cost structure should improve margins and earnings. more

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Wealth Coaching Available

Friends, if you are sitting on a ton of cash and bonds, now is the time to get your buy list together and get ready to invest that cash. It’s time to look critically at your portfolio, think about your goals and objectives and get ready for the opportunities that are coming our way. We believe that great buying opportunities are on the horizon for smart investors, so don’t get caught flat-footed.

Speaking of being prepared, we’d also like to offer our wealth coaching services. Wealth coaching is a personalized, 90-minute discussion with Doug about your portfolio and investments, the priorities for you and your family. This is way to create solutions, action plans and clear pathways for your investing future.

For more information, please call 800-391-1118 or email askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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Listen to Chris Versace and Doug Fabian on this week’s podcast

This week, special guest and Thematic Growth portfolio manager Chris Versace joined Doug Fabian in-studio to discuss the current market climate, the top three thematic growth trends and what Chris sees coming for investors today. Please listen to the podcast today for the full report from Chris and Doug.

We also have a new ETF report out, and the top 10 multi-asset ETF report so please download that here and let us know if you have any questions.

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Video Update: Janet Yellen Testimony

Today, Janet Yellen is talking about Federal Reserve policy, but the real question is how will the markets react? She does not seem concerned about the economy slowing, and as always, the reaction to her policy is the news that we will be watching – so far, it’s all been positive.

How we close the week will be important for investors to watch, and the market can certainly go to new highs or break down and have a more serious correction. This is a time to pay close attention to the market action and be vigilant about your portfolio.

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