Questions Every Investor Should Ask

The following questions should be asked in a free analysis of your portfolio.

Where is your portfolio right now?  Do you own mutual funds?  Do you have any ETFs? What is your stock allocation currently?  Do you have any individual stocks?  What is your tax situation?

Two of Doug’s passions are teaching and coaching.  A coach is not on the field; a coach wins a game by teaching the players who are on the field how to execute his strategies.  If Doug was your wealth coach today, these are the five strategies he believes you should employ RIGHT NOW in order to reach your long-term financial goals:

  • Write down your goals and objectives.
  • Determine who your financial team is.  These five positions should be included on your financial roster: Tax Manager, Assets Manager, Wealth Manager, Estate Attorney, Executor
  • Compile a complete net worth statement.
  • Compile an income statement.
  • Have an assessment made of your asset managers (this is something that can be done by your wealth manager.)

If you would like Doug to look over your portfolio and give you his opinion on changes you may need to make—offensive and defensive—in order to achieve your financial goals, don’t hesitate to call our office at 800-391-1118 or email us at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com and we will help you to move forward.

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Buying Opportunities

Global growth is slowing, the economy is rocky, and people are beginning to worry: is the global economy slipping into a recession?  The United States, Europe and Japan are all in the thick of a market correction, and many people believe that the Emerging Markets (such as China and Latin America) have already slid from market corrections into bear markets. (For statistics and a comprehensive overview of this market action, listen to the full podcast here.)

Investment opportunities are ripe during a market correction, and our advice to you is this: get ready to buy.

If you’ve listened to the last few podcasts and it made you nervous to hear Doug talk about buying lists and investment opportunities—call our offices today at 800-391-1118   Let’s have a conversation about strategy, risk, and what your next investing move should be.

Because one thing is for certain: even during unstable economic times, you will never reach your investment goals just by sitting on cash, and we’re here to help you put that money to work. You can also email Doug your investing questions at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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New Policy on Automatic Stop Loss Orders

Listen to the podcast, recorded on 9/11/15, here, to hear Doug address a strategy change concerning Automatic Stop Loss Orders on ETFs.

Although we have been a proponent of using Automatic Stop Loss Orders on ETFs for the past ten years, the current market is not functioning well, the system is broken and individual investors are being taken advantage of—for these reasons I am recommending that you DO NOT use Automatic Stop Loss Orders on your ETF portfolios.

In the market’s current state, using Automatic Stop Loss Orders is a risk. They could harm your portfolio much more than they will benefit you at this time.

Please listen to the full podcast for details on this new policy, and as always feel free to call 800-391-1118 or email Doug your questions at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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Have you reduced risk yet?

Last week, the markets experienced some of the biggest price swings in history, and though stocks did manage to finish in positive territory,  there’s no denying that the long-term uptrend of the past few years now has been broken.

The recent action in stocks should give you a big reason to pause, and to reflect on where your money is right now.

More importantly, you should now be keenly aware of how much risk you have in your portfolio, and how susceptible you are to a major market correction. Have you reduced risk yet?

If you haven’t reduced risk, then when do you plan to reduce risk?

Risk out there is booming from unknowns such as:

• The severity of the China slowdown and its pull on the global economy
• The unknown on Fed policy and when an interest rate hike is going to hit
• The massive mispricing of many ETFs during last week’s “mini flash crash”

Individually, these risky unknowns should be enough to cause you to consider reducing risk in your portfolio.

Collectively, these risks represent an unholy trinity of potential portfolio damage.

In the podcast I just recorded on Friday, August 28, I talked about the need to reduce risk in the face of the current trifecta of unknowns.

I also provided my thoughts on what you can do if you are struggling with decisions such as when to reduce risk, how to reduce risk—and more importantly, when it will be safe to buy back into this market.

As I’ve said to many of my clients, radio and podcast listeners, and to subscribers of my various newsletters, now is the time to reduce risk.

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Questions to Ask in Market Corrections

It’s common for investors to get emotional when the market corrects, but here are the questions that Doug suggests you ask yourself before you decide what to do during a down-turn:

1. How important is capital preservation to you?

2. How exposed are you to equities?

3. Are you prepared to buy back in?

4. What are your investing goals?

If you can’t answer these questions or aren’t sure what to do with the answers, call our offices at 800-391-1118 and schedule your free portfolio review with Doug Fabian. Don’t get stuck in the emotional roller coaster of a market correction or surge, but let Doug and his great team at Fabian Wealth Strategies help you make a concise, clear and confident plan for your money and your future. The initial consultation is free, as always.

Also, if you have general questions about your goals and investments, you can always email askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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Comments from Alan Greenspan

Doug pointed out these recent comments from former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan on CNBC on last week’s broadcast. Watch the video below, and if you have questions or want Doug’s take on these comments, listen to the podcast here, and send an email with your questions to askdoug(at0dougfabian(dot)com.

Read full CNBC article here.

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Ideas for Growth Investing

Doug believes that growth investments are especially helpful for good tax management in your portfolio, and that you need to consider how growth is a part of your investing plan for the long-term.

In the growth category, here’s the sectors we’re liking for growth investing right now:

  • Hedged currency ETFs – particularly in Europe
  • Cyber-security in the U.S.
  • Alternative energy
  • Cloud computing/internet
  • Oil/energy (this is the only sector we don’t love right now, but are watching for the potential opportunities in the months to come)
  • Innovation/technology

Our advice is to look carefully at your portfolio and consider how you can pursue positive growth and healthy investing with your money. As always, if you have questions about your specific investments, please call our office today at 800-391-1118.

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10 Tax Strategies Every Retiree Needs to Know

You have an opportunity to join Doug Fabian live on Wednesday, June 24 at 2 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time for a special presentation, “10 Tax Strategies Every Retiree Needs to Know”. This presentation is just for podcast listeners and Inner Circle members, so be sure to register today and listen in.

Here are just a few of the questions Doug will answer for you:

• What is the best way to lower my required minimum distribution from my IRA?

• What are the best ETFs to use in my IRA accounts vs. my taxable accounts?

• How can I take advantage of the current tax laws to help generate spendable income from my real estate?

• What are the tax rules for investing my taxable assets?

• How do I minimize the tax liability in my taxable accounts?


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Tax Strategies Presentation Coming Up

Doug and his team are working hard on a new tax preparation presentation that will be unveiled in the coming week. Stay tuned for that and sign up for Doug’s “Inner Circle” to learn more about special presentations and events like the upcoming tax discussion.

There are going to be some excellent strategies in this presentation, and Doug will even answer some specific questions from Inner Circle members. Doug received more than 50 emails with specific tax questions and knows that this is a difficult and complicated topic, so we’re going to dig in and talk about taxes, savings, personal finances and retirement. Remember that Doug is not a tax professional, but he is an investment adviser, and he has years of experience in the world of investing, personal finance and what those tax implications mean.

If you are curious about effective tax strategies for your investments or general questions about tax efficiency, you need to listen to this presentation. Also, last week’s podcast has some great tax insights as well, so listen to that here.

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Tax Strategies

It’s important to think about tax season BEFORE tax season comes around. Most of us understand that we need to responsible for our taxes in advance of April 15, but it’s tempting to put off these strategies until you need to start filing again next year.

As you think about taxes, you need to start thinking about your legacy for your heirs, your income, your home equity, your assets and other options as you prepare your taxes for 2016. There are a lot of great ways to unlock capital, protect your investments and provide for your family or causes you care about, but the only way to have any of these benefits is by preparing your taxes ahead of time and thinking through some long-term tax strategies.

We really suggest getting together with a good CPA this summer. Take the time to look at your specific portfolio, your real estate holdings and your goals for your future and your money, so that you can have a wonderful retirement and a worry-free year, with no panic attacks on April 15, 2016.

If you have any questions about tax strategies or other investing concerns, please email those to askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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