Video Update: Spain, Apple and Stock Market Slides

As always, we have three things to address today:

First, Europe represents 25% of the global economy. Spain is the fourth largest economy in Europe and it is in economic shambles. The Spanish government is cutting severely in entitlements (unemployment benefits, pensions, etc.) and there is no job growth in Spain. People in Spain are more conservative with their money right now, causing a contraction in their economy, looking to contract a total of 7% this year. (To put that 7% in perspective, that’s about how much the U.S. contracted in 2008 – we all know how that affected the markets and economy.)

Second, Apple Computer is a phenomenal company, and it’s almost a stock index in itself. Apple stock alone accounted for 36% of all the earnings in the S&P 500 in the first quarter. We bring this up because if APPL was to falter, we would see some serious issues in our stock market.

Lastly, we want to remind you that stock markets go down 3-5 times faster than they go up. This is an unfortunate reality, but one to keep in mind as you watch the fundamentals and the global economy in changing times.

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