Investing is a Financial “Road Trip”

Before you go on a long road trip, it’s always smart to make sure you have water, flashlight and other emergency supplies in your car. We think of your life and your money as a long road trip – we all have a destination, goals along the way and a few unexpected turns in the road, but with a good road map, some emergency supplies and a little common sense, your financial road trip can fulfill your goals and get you to your destination. We think it’s wise to be educated and prepared in life and investing.

In investing, here are a few turns in the road that might be coming up: a weakening U.S. dollar, inflation or deflation, upheaval in the bond and stock markets, or changes in the real estate market. These can all risks to your capital, or can be used to your advantage, depending on how prepared you are.

Understanding market movements is like your road map on that long car trip. You have to realize what inflation and deflation will do to your capital, and what your on-ramps are (meaning when and why you put your capital to work) for investing.

You need to know what your “off-ramp” is as well – what is your exit strategy for your investments? What is the circumstance in which you would sell your stocks or bonds and are you even aware of what you own?

These changes in the markets can be very confusing if this is not your full-time job, which is why we are here – making podcasts, writing on the blog and helping you make decisions. If you are not sure about your financial goals or you just want a second opinion, please call us at 888-300-3684. Our advisors want to help this investing road trip be a pleasant one and help you get to your destination in the best way possible.

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