How to Succeed in an Uncertain Market

There’s little doubt that the financial markets are in a state of uncertainty.  China, the Emerging markets, Latin America and Europe are all in bear markets.  Stocks have been ugly, and you’re probably wondering: could the U.S. fall into a bear market this year?

Doug doesn’t see signs that the U.S. economy is going into a recession.  In fact he thinks—at this point in time—that the U.S. economy is in pretty good shape.  As we witness the arrival of bear markets around the world, he and the rest of the team at Fabian Wealth Strategies want to remind you how important it is to know what your investment goals are. If you need help on making those goals, call about our Personal Wealth Coaching service: 800-391-1118.

Here’s the list of income strategies you should employ in 2016:

  • Make a quick summary of your finances
  • Decide on and work with just one financial institution
  • Know your current cash position
  • Identify where your at-risk assets are
  • Write down your rate-of-return goal

The most important thing you should take from this list is write down your rate-of-return goal.  Goals are vital for your finances because they drive your decisions, clarify your investment objectives, and eliminate your choices.

Yes, the stock market is a little crazy right now, but with organization, focus and a solid plan of action, you can make the most of it.  Let the team at Fabian Wealth Strategies help you navigate the bumpy road ahead with an investment plan tailored to your personal and financial values, objectives and priorities.  Call or email our office today and ask about Personal Wealth Coaching—we can help you make your 2016 a financially successful year, even in the midst of uncertainty around the world.

Reach us by phone at 888-300-3684, or by email at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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The Future is Bright with Fabian Wealth Strategies

Doug and our team at Fabian Wealth Strategies want to help make 2016 a great, financially successful year for you and your family.  Join us in this pursuit each week by listing to Doug’s podcast, as he delivers the best financial information, education, motivation, and direction to help you realize your investment goals.

In this week’s broadcast, Doug shares numbers to monitor in your own day-to-day review of the financial markets. He offers listeners key levels to watch on interest rates and stocks in the United States, discusses the overall condition of the global economy, and outlines three important things he believes you need to do in order to be successful in 2016.

Coming into the new year, Doug encourages all of us to keep a positive outlook.  Things may be messy around the world—but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money.  Get organized, stay moving, and keep your eyes forward.  Patience and focus are your friends.

If you have questions about something in this podcast, or about anything else in the realm of financial investment, you can always contact Doug at any time through his e-mail, askdough(at)dougfabian(dot)com.  If you would like to schedule an appointment, a consultation, or get involved with our personal wealth coaching program, don’t hesitate to call our offices at 888-300-3684.

Here’s wishing a Happy New Year to you and your family from Fabian Wealth Strategies!  The future is certainly bright.

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Happy Holidays from Fabian Wealth Strategies!

With the holiday season upon us and 2016 fast approaching, Doug Fabian and the team at Fabian Wealth Strategies want to wish you a merry Christmas and a bright, successful New Year!

This holiday season, our offices will only be closed on Friday, December 25th and Friday, January 1st to spend time with family and friends. 

Many folks are thinking about finances as they consider the start of a new year, and rightly so.  Maybe this year, your New Year’s resolution is to finally start defining some clear, thought-out financial goals and objectives in the form a written budget and plan of action.  Maybe you’ve been managing your money on your own, and have come to realize that you’ve gotten in over your head in some areas, such as taxes or investing.

We are here to help you!

With 2016 just around the corner, make the decision to start your New Year off on the right foot.  Call 888-300-3684 or send an email to askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com and schedule a consultation today.

Have a wonderful holiday and best wishes to you and your family, from the team here at Fabian Wealth Strategies!

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Personal Wealth Coaching is Available!

Doug Fabian and the team at Fabian Wealth Strategies have a mission: to help you better manage your money and to achieve your financial goals.

Since we’re always on the hunt for improved ways to fulfill this mission, Doug is now providing a new service for listeners of our radio program/podcast and subscribers to our newsletter: Personal Wealth Coaching.

Included in this service is a complete review of your portfolio, suggested ETFs customized to your goals and objectives, a 90-day action plan, and several sessions with Doug one-on-one.  If you are someone who is not ready for a full-time wealth management team, but you would appreciate a deeper conversation about your specific financial situation, consider Personal Wealth Coaching.

It could be that Personal Wealth Coaching – a professional insight into your finances and a clearer sense of direction – is just what you need for 2016.  

Our team is also creating a wealth coaching video series.  These will be 5-7 minute videos on specific subjects designed to help you be successful in your money management endeavors.  Many people who listen to the our podcast are managing their money entirely on their own, and these videos will be great tools to help DIYers manage money well. These videos will speak directly to personal financial issues such as taxes, net-worth statements, investment strategies, taking financial risks, and writing down goals and objectives.

Contact us today to learn more about Personal Wealth Coaching.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.  Call 888-300-3684 or send an email to askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com

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Your Assets, Your Family, Your Legacy

This week on the broadcast, (listen here) Doug says investors must define their investment objectives before anything else.  The exercise of goal setting is simple, but here’s a game plan to get you started:

Come up with some rate-of-return targets (looking at your portfolio, what rate of return would you be satisfied with?) and decide how much you are willing to lose (maybe you don’t want a draw down of more than 5%, for example.)  Doug has talked with enough clients over the years to know that capitol preservation is one of your highest priorities—he understands that you don’t want to suffer any significant losses—but he thinks it is important to quantify that goal.  Decide on a number that you know is the most you can live with on the negative spectrum—write down something specific.  It will help you in selecting your investing vehicles.

Doug’s second point of discussion is the inventory of your assets.  In one-on-one conversations with clients, he splits assets into three categories:

  • Liquid assets (i.e. taxables assets; assets outside of your IRA.)
  • Retirement assets (including income streams such as penchant plans or social security.)
  • Property assets (vacation homes, real estate, land, etc.)

The last point is your legacy game plan.  Make sure your paperwork is in good order, you have named an executor for your will and that your spouse, children and grandchildren are taken care of.

Could you use some advice or clarification on any of these points?  Send an e-mail to askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.  If you would like to set up a personal consultation with Doug you can do so by calling 888-300-3684.

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Check out

The purpose of Doug’s podcast is to express his thoughts about what’s going on in the financial markets, and help individual investors move closer to their financial goals.

Another Fabian Wealth Strategies project that aligns with Doug’s passion to help the individual investor is called ETF University (

ETF University is Doug’s way of giving “newbie” investors a helpful leg-up on board the Exchange Traded Fund wagon.  ETFs are new to many people, and educates and informs the inexperienced investor all about ETFs and their important realm in the world of investment.  It’s a free website, and when you’re there you can also access Doug’s nationally broadcasted ETF Success with Doug Fabian radio show. and ETF University is not an investment adviser and does not manage money – it strictly an educational endeavor.  As always, if you have specific investment questions, you can reach Fabian Wealth Strategies at 800-391-1118 or askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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Insights from Fidelity Investments

In the past week, Doug attended an event put on by Fidelity Investments that was very informative, particularly regarding fixed income.  He brought back several financially relevant insights (listen to the full podcast here), such as:

  • The U.S. economic growth is slowing but still above 2%
  • Fidelity strategists believe that China is going to stimulate its economy, and this would be a good thing for global growth
  • Long-term interest rates will remain low
  • Because of low interest rates, Fidelity thinks there will be investment opportunities: REITs, consumer staples and health care are possibilities

Fidelity gave three reasons why long-term interest rates will not go up:

  • First, demographics.  Japan, Europe and the United States all have predominantly aging populations, and what do people tend to do when they get older?  They tend to spend less money and to save more money.  When a population is spending money, it increases economic growth—on the flip side, a population that is saving money has little impact on economic growth.
  • Second, the Central Bank policies.  Europe and Japan are continuing to push interest rates lower.  Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Denmark all currently have negative interest rates.
  • Third, the U.S. still battling deflation.

For further discussion on this topic, listen to the full podcast here, and as always, contact us at 800-391-1118 for information on how our team can help you invest your portfolio today.

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Interest Rate Fears

A lot of people are really worried about the Federal Reserve, and what they might do to interest rates. However, in this week’s podcast, Doug points out a different scenario than the usual high interest rate fears – negative interest rates.

Right now in Europe, there are negative interest rates.  What does that mean?  For analogy purposes, let’s say that you are a German citizen and that you lend money to the German government—-due to the negative interest rate, you will get back less money than you gave the government to begin with.  Some banks throughout Europe are also instituting negative interest rates.  This means that—-if you have your money on deposit in a bank—-the bank is going to charge you for it.  As you can see, negative interest rates are far less than ideal.

What if negative interest rates come to the United States?  This is not something we should be panicking about, but the future is unforeseeable, and to be prepared is always a good thing.

The best thing you can do to avoid the same scenario is to not leave your cash sitting in a bank account earning zero interest—-instead, invest it.

Doug and our team at Fabian Wealth Strategies want to help you make the most of your money.  Call 800-391-1118 to schedule a meeting or email Doug personally at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com

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What Should Investors Do With Cash?

In this week’s podcast, Doug addresses what he thinks you should be doing with your cash.

Most of the podcast this week is inspired from conversations Doug has had recently with  clients of Fabian Wealth Strategies, and lately, we’ve heard from several clients who have large amounts of cash sitting in their bank—earning zero interest.

In light of this issue, Doug brings up some cash alternatives: low-risk opportunities you can take with your short-term cash and still get 1-3% back.  It is better to make forward-moving progress—no matter how small—than to sit stagnant.

Do you have questions or concerns about investing your cash?  As always, do not hesitate to call our office at 800-391-1118 or email us at askdoug(at)dougfabian(dot)com.

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Interview with Dick Fabian on the Podcast

Coming up on the 39th anniversary of the FWS newsletter, listen in as Doug interviews his father, Dick Fabian—founder of Fabian Wealth Strategies.

Dick Fabian speaks of starting out in the world of financial investing and—after learning some valuable lessons—going on to publish his book, “How To Be Your Own Investment Counselor” in 1976.  In this book he pioneered the concept of trend-following, and also explained and promoted the 39-Week Average methodology.

In the radio show, Doug asks Dick the following questions (and more!):

  • What lessons have you learned?
  • What do you feel was the original message of the Fabian Wealth Strategies newsletter, and how does it apply now?
  • What do you think investors today should be thinking about?

Dick’s answer in a nutshell:  keep it simple.  You don’t need to be brilliant to make a good investment; you just need to be disciplined.

Listen to the full conversation between Doug and his father here and glean a few financial insights from someone who has been there.

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